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Today is 7/27/2007 and client build 6825.8 has been released to the MSN TV 2 internet terminal and media player AKA TNB or the RCA RM-4100.
This build includes a newsreader with access to USENET and the alt.discuss Web TV clubs. All users will have access to usenet. However things are a little tricky for posting in the alt discuss Web TV clubs. Lets look at the issues and solutions.

The first thing i need to discuss is MIGRATING a user from the Web TV (AKA MSN TV 1) to the MSN TV 2. Migrating a user simply means ADD the user that is currently on your Web TV box to your MSN TV 2 box. To do this log in to your PRIMARY MSN TV 2 user . Select settings and choose add a user. Follow the screen instructions. One of the screens will give you a choice of adding an existing @msn or @hotmail or an existing user. Choose the existing Web TV user option. Follow the screen instructions. You will be asked to proof ownership of the user by providing information about your Web TV account. Once completed the user can be added to the TV 2. Follow the screen instructions. Mail and Favorites from that user will be copied to the TV 2 as well.

Although all MSN TV 2 users can read and post to the USENET groups, There will be limited access to the alt discuss Web TV clubs in this release.

1) Migrated Web TV users CAN read and post in their favorite alt discuss public or private club. The user must be on the access list of a private club for posting permission.

2) Grandfathered @MSN or @HOTMAIL users that were added to Web TV PRIOR to AUGUST 2003 will be able to read and post in both public and private clubs provided user is on access list of private club for posting permission.

3) Users created on the MSN TV 2 box that were NEVER Web TV users can read but can NOT post in the alt discuss public clubs. Posting will NOT appear in the group. At the time of this printing i am unsure of private club posting status on this type of user. I will update this as needed.
I have been informed private club group posting should be fine provided user is added to access list for posting permission.

To access the newsreader click the discuss icon next to chat on your start page navigation bar at page bottom (BB Users). Dial up users should be able to locate it on their start page.

Here are some tips and notes:

1) There is no signature box in this release for alt discuss posting. you must paste a sig each time you post into the body of the post.

2) Signature html codes are different then on the Web TV boxes. I have prepared a tutorial on cross compatible sigs that both TOB and TNB can see. Go to this page.

3) If you use a signature BB folks should please keep in mind some people are on slower dialup therefore please watch your file sizes.

4) Supported audio files are different keep in mind .mid files are now supported. You may use the BGSOUND tag to use .mid files in your sigs. Supported audio files are .wma, .wav, .mp3, .aiff, .au and .mid .

5) Newgroup URLS work different. I suggest using the lobby search engine or browse all newsgroups for correct URLS or use my NG URL tute.

6) Creating a club private or public can only be done from TOB AKA Web TV or MSN TV 1 at this time.

7) Users can be banned by a club owner by the box or by the user. At this time a club owner must have Web TV service.


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